We think outside the box.

Not all applications fit within mainstream banks lending policy. This could be due to having impaired credit, being unable to prove income or banks not having an appetite for development lending. When this situation arises, your adviser needs to think outside the box when finding a solution.

Our specialist lending team, headed up by Nick Alcock and Waara Varley, have over 20 years collective experience finding creative solutions for unique loan applications.

Development Loans

At The Lending Department we can help assist you with Development Loans. Whether you are simply subdividing your existing property, undertaking a large-scale subdivision, or building an apartment block in the CBD we can help.

We have relationships with all the main banks plus many financiers around the country who specialise in development funding. As well as obtaining finance for your project we can help you navigate the entire development process, using our contacts and experience to assist you throughout.

Non-Bank Lending

If you have impaired credit, are unable to prove your income, or are looking for a bridging loan you may require a loan from a Non-Bank Lender. These loans are usually for 6-12 months until you can sort out any issues that are preventing you from obtaining finance from a bank.

Non-Bank lenders charge higher interest than mainstream banks but can often be useful as a short-term solution. Not all Non-bank lenders are created equal and interest rates can range from 6.25% to 15%. We can make sure you find the cheapest lender possible for your situation.

Asset Lending

Whether purchasing a new vehicle, upgrading machinery or looking to save money by consolidating debt, we can help. If you have an asset to lend against, we should be able to organise a competitive finance package for you.

With rates ranging from 6.95% – 10.5% we can almost certainly find you a better deal than your car salesman will offer. Before you step foot on to a car yard, give us a call to get the finance process started. We have helped fund Vehicles, Heavy Machinery, Boats and even a Helicopter! We love a challenge so call us for advice today.

Our Process


Initial Conversation

The initial conversation is where we get to know you. Who you are, what your goals are and how we can help. By the end of this meeting you should have a clear idea of what our plan is and how we are able to assist you.


Our Approach

This is where we flesh out the details from our first conversation, you will complete a Fact Find and Statement of Position and provide all the supporting documentation necessary, we will compile this into a clear loan application.


Lending Plan

We then submit this application to the bank on your behalf and work through any issues until we have an approval. If there are any conditions on this approval, we will work with you to have them satisfied so that you can purchase unconditionally.


Approach Lenders

This is where we negotiate interest rates on your behalf, then assist you in deciding how you will structure your lending. The correct loan structure can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan, so we take this meeting very seriously.


Ongoing Service

Our commitment to you does not end when your loan is settled. We will be here to look after your financial needs for the rest of your life. We will assist you when your interest rates need to be re-fixed, or if you have a change of circumstance.

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